Orientir-M. Advertising in Krasnoyarsk.

Phone: (391) 236-10-11, 236-47-05, 269-59-09, 269-56-09

Addres: 660111, Krasnoyarsk, st. Pogranichnikov, 44 bld. 2


About the Company

A global task of Orientir-M Company in Krasnoyarsk is quality and quick manufacture and placement of advertisement on any media. These are separate advertising constructions of 6x3 m, building façades and roofs, as well as sides of buses, trolleybuses and route taxis.

  • Availability of our own equipment:
  • printing machines for printing logotypes on promotional products;
  • equipment for creation of various corporate business souvenirs according to individual projects;machines for manufacture of façade signs, plates, stands, etc.

All these make it possible to involve a maximum number of advertising media, and, consequently, to reach your target audience in a better way.

Thanks to a complex approach combined with a high-quality service, services rendered by Orientir-M Company have been used by numerous companies in Krasnoyarsk and Russia for 20 years already.

Orientir-M Company knows how to make you recognizable, so that you can always compare favorably with the rest!

Our primary principles are as follows: professional competence, high quality of services and facilities, original solutions and individual approach to every task.