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Why Do We Need Souvenirs?

Why do we need souvenirs?

Personalized souvenir products become a more and more popular type of advertising every year. Many companies have seen its true value and actively use it to promote new brands and services. If you are still doubtful about whether to pay your attention to souvenirs and allocate for it a separate budget item or not, the following text is for you. 

Popularity of the souvenir branch is proved by statistics of the National Association of Advertising and Souvenir Industry (NAASI) with the assistance of the Association of Communication Agencies of Russia (ACAR). Surveys held by the Association revealed decrease in sales of different segments of advertisement market from 20% to 40%. Therewith, the situation in the market of advertising and souvenir products is much more favorable – experts note a 10-15% growth. What is the secret?

Personalized souvenir products are an advertisement with a long-lasting effect, which will be active while a client will be using the product presented to him or her. This is its main advantage over other advertising materials. A video on TV or advertisement on the radio is a good advertisement, yet, as distinct from a good souvenir, you cannot touch it or take with you. Moreover, you are unlikely to throw away a pen or a mug with company logo to the nearest trash can, while you will easily do it with printed materials, such as brochures and leaflets. It is functionality that attracts people. In any case, everyone loves presents! Getting a souvenir that can be used in everyday life when buying a good or a service is a pleasant bonus, which will leave a good impression.

A wide assortment of souvenir products makes it possible for you to choose products in accordance with the budget, the sphere of the company’s activity and other wishes without limiting your imagination. Today possibilities of image putting are great, so you can order almost any products with the required image, whether plastic, glass or textile.

A good present is not just a step towards creation of a positive company image, but a guarantee of being remembered. It means that your efforts are not in vain. The choice is up to you!

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