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A-Frame Signs

An A-frame sign is a small one- or two-sided advertising panel (up to 1.5 sq.m.). This is the cheapest and the most efficient way to attract attention, to tell about your services and, finally, to promote your business.

The main advantages of A-frame signs are their low cost, possibility of quick production and portability. Even though their registration is mandatory, it won’t require many approvals.

Street A-frame signs are installed to attract attention of potential clients to the advertiser near a café, shop, sales department, and office; an A-frame sign is especially effective if a flow of people goes nearby, but not within the direct visibility of the entrance, for example in an arch, behind a corner or in a basement. Moreover, an A-frame sign can contain additional information about a range of goods and services, and seasonal offers.

Modern materials make it possible to quickly change content of A-frame signs: currency rate (replacement tables), menus in cafés (writing on their surfaces with chalk).

An A-frame sign is a frame with an informational board, which is installed in the way of pedestrians – on sidewalks or in halls of trading centers.

Two-fold sidewalk signs. Such a sign consists of two metal frames connected at the top, so that you are to draw it apart, in order to install it, and in order to remove it, you are to fold it.

A vertical sidewalk sign – a board stands perpendicularly to the ground. Information is placed on both sides. Metal base. A board is made either of galvanized metal or of foamed PVC with advertising information put on it.