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Transport Advertising

Transport advertising is one of the most perspective directions of outdoor advertising. Its main advantage is a considerable number of immediate contacts of targeted audience with advertising information. Many people every day stay at bus stops waiting for their bus and at the same time see numerous buses, trolley buses and trams with bright memorable advertising information catching their attention at once. This very advantage helps to ensure a wide territorial coverage and frequency of occurrence of advertising information for potential consumers. Route taxis, buses, trolley buses, trams and other means of public transport can serve as advertising media. Transport speed within a city is low, which guarantees quality of perception of advertising information by pedestrians and road users.

Advertisement of Public Transport

Advertisement of side surfaces of trams, trolley buses and buses attracts attention of a very wide audience. All these people are your potential clients. Moreover, transport means move according to strictly defined routes, which gives you an opportunity to choose a city district and determine a potential audience. Besides that, your advertisement works during the whole day from 6 A.M. to 11.30 P.M,

Route taxi is used by people of moderate means, while municipal transport services are mainly used by students and pensioners. By placing advertisement on bus sides, we can attract attention of all social groups, including those who do not use public transport. Routes offered by us cover the whole territory of Krasnoyarsk.

In order to achieve maximum effect from use of outdoor side advertising, we recommend to place advertising inside transport too – placement of stickers (adhesive labels) of different format from A6 to A3, which will help to provide a potential buyer with maximum information about your good or service.

Advertisement on Stickers in Public Transport and on Grab-Handles

Thanks to a special environment in public transport, a person going to his/her place of destination when waiting for the necessary bus stop automatically looks through any text in front of his/her eyes – and advertisements, due to their visibility and attractiveness, will certainly draw his/her attention. Colorful stickers (special adhesive labels with a full-color image) will make information about your good and service available to tens of thousands of residents and guests of the city. This is a guarantee of increase in sales volumes and, as a result, extra profit.

Decoration of Corporate Transport and Awning

According to experts’ estimates, this is one of the most profitable formats of transit advertising. A good way of brand promotion, aesthetic appearance, decrease of theft and accident probability rate because of good visibility of decorated transport, no rental payment.

Presence of corporate transport decorated in a uniform style emphasizes the company’s solidity and helps to remind about it.

The most prominent advantage of this type of advertising is absence of expenses for rent of a transport means and, as a consequence, a termless character of advertising campaign.

Magnetic Vinyl

This new high-tech material is used for surfaces not suitable for gluing of films and painting, it does not damage car surface, is tightly fixed to a metal surface thanks to magnetization, does not fall off when moving and can be easily removed leaving no traces on the car surface.