Orientir-M. Advertising in Krasnoyarsk.

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Addres: 660111, Krasnoyarsk, st. Pogranichnikov, 44 bld. 2


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тел.: 269-59-09
email: set6@orientir-m.ru

Network Placement

Outdoor advertising is one of the most efficient methods of influencing mass audience. It combines a bright design, an understandable image, high efficiency and low cost.

Outdoor advertising in Krasnoyarsk spread thanks to Orientir-M Company, which in 1993 installed the first advertising billboard in the city.

Billboard advertising is probably the most traditional and effective type of advertising.

Growth in billboard popularity is first of all related to advantage of their locations.

By today Orientir-M Company possesses about 600 advertising surfaces, including:

  • 75 prismavision displays,
  • a series of facades of different formats in the city center: from 6х3 m. to 11х25 m.,
  • 60 Pillar-type surfaces,
  • 7 City-Format and Scroller constructions,
  • roof installations in central areas of the city.

Billboards of 6×3 m. belonging to Orientir-M Company are located in all areas, at all entrance and by-pass roads of the city.

It enables organization of full-value advertising campaigns in accordance with different clients’ goals: market launch of a new brand/good/service; increase of brand recognition; growth in trial/repeat purchases; acquisition of customers; increase of an average check amount and others. Moreover, placement of numerous billboards in different places makes it possible to use them as signs indicating location of shops, warehouses, cultural and entertainment centers, etc.

A considerable number of constructions has a lightning, which ensures functioning of advertising at any time of day – during daytime and at night, on weekdays and weekends.