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Юлия Лопатеева
сот.: 8-913-191-04-34
тел.: 269-54-02
email: fasad@orientir-m.ru

Наталья Казынкина
сот.: 8-908-025-32-37
тел.: 269-54-02
email: fasad1@orientir-m.ru

Entrance Groups

The first impression of your company is determined by the presentability of your office and, above all, entrance and building facade.
Elegantly and stylishly furnished entrance to a building helps to support a positive brand image. Today industrial sector offers numerous variants of its dressing.

An entrance group is a set of advertising elements making an entrance to a shop, office, trading center prominent in a special way. An entrance group should fit in with the existing architecture and create an image of a whole entity for an office, shop or building.
A sign plays an informative part in entrance group design. Three-dimensional letters made of stainless steel or plastic, and having face or back lightning serve as the most suitable solution. Neon letters manufactured using glass of different colors look great as well.

A near-door space is usually faced with panels of composite material.
Doorsteps are an outdoor extension (often covered) at the entrance to a building, which is used for entering and leaving a residential building.
An overhang is a decorative, protective and advertising element of an entrance group at the same time. It can be created in the process of facing, according to a preliminary project, or can be an independent advertising construction.
There are several types of overhangs:

  • Metal overhangs and eaves. At present, metal eaves, as well as overhangs, bear a double load. A forged overhang and eaves serve as a protection from atmospheric precipitations and sunbeams and as a decorative element at the same time.
  • Polycarbonate overhangs and eaves. Manufacture of such eaves is very popular because of their low cost and multi-functionality. A small weight of eaves made of polycarbonate panels makes it possible to construct eaves both above small area buildings, such as stairs or doorsteps of a country house, and above summer cafes and parking lots.
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