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New Image of Yenisei River Shipping Company

Customer: Rechflot (River Fleet)


There are structures forming appearance and image of a city. A high building of Yenisei River Shipping Company located next to the city administration is one of the architectural landmarks of the city.

During the last year its conceptual structure was fully reconstructed. The façade was covered with composite panels in accordance with the project developed by the best architects of the city. A new bright sign was made.  Реализацию проекта вывески от макетирования и разработки конструктивных чертежей до изготовления и монтажа  выиграла наша Компания «Ориентир-М».

Orientir-M Company won the competition for implementation of the sign project from modeling and drawing of construction designs to manufacture and assembling.

The difficulty was that it was necessary to fix three-dimensional letters to inserts hidden behind composite panels, in order not to place the frame on the façade spoiling its aesthetic appearance. That is why the work was divided into several stages: installation of inserts for the letters, façade covering and only then assembling of the letters.

The letters were made bright using high-brightness LEDs appropriate for such installation height.

All the works were carried out in compliance with GOSTs and quality standards.

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