Orientir-M. Advertising in Krasnoyarsk.

Phone: (391) 236-10-11, 236-47-05, 269-59-09, 269-56-09

Addres: 660111, Krasnoyarsk, st. Pogranichnikov, 44 bld. 2


Юлия Лопатеева
сот.: 8-913-191-04-34
тел.: 269-54-02
email: fasad@orientir-m.ru

Наталья Казынкина
сот.: 8-908-025-32-37
тел.: 269-54-02
email: fasad1@orientir-m.ru

Sign Kristall

Customer: Kristall, a jewelry store


Three-dimensional letters are made of aluminum composite panels with a LED strip in the back for back lightning. A three-dimensional luminous element – the logo – is made of PVC, an acryl front side with application using Oracal film. The base is made of aluminum composite panels.

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