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Customer: Vankorneft


Signs of Vankorneft, which are really hard to overlook, appeared on Business Center Pervaya Bashnya, the highest building in Krasnoyarsk.

A light logo is located at a 90-meter height above the ground. Its height is equal to a height of three and a half stores. The construction is made of painted steel with open neon lightning. It is fixed on a strong bearing frame. Assembling was complicated not only because of the height of works performed, but also because of the weather conditions – some works were carried out at the temperature of -30°C.

Sign of Vankorneft located above the entrance of the building is 16.5 x 6.5 m in size. The letters and the logo are also made of steel. The sign has LED lightning installed inside the elements. During installation of the constructions we had to disassemble a part of the façade siding.

Both signs are made in compliance with all the safety and certification requirements.

This work is one of our most complicated orders. It is unique in our city.

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