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Chisty Gorod

Customer: Lucky


Clean cars, clean city

During the last eight years, the number of cars in Russia increased almost 1.5-fold. This data is given by the State Traffic Inspectorate. According to the press service of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration of Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs, as compared to 2004, transport fleet in the country increased by 44.2%, that is, by more than 15 million cars.


As of January 1, 2013, there were already 50.5 million cars in Russia. Most of them were passenger cars – 76.7% of total number of cars, that is, almost 39 million. Since 2004 this number grew by 14.9 million cars, that is, by 62.7%. According to the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate, average increase in transport in Russia amounts to5.5% annually, and the main increase is due to passenger cars.

Лаки ночь

Rates of purchasing of new cars by residents of Krasnoyarsk surpass all records and are 2.5-fold higher than average increase rates in the country.

One can easily imagine the damage produced on the environment by such a number of cars, but it is hard to imagine damage produced on the environment and appearance of the city by dirty cars. Together with the growth of a number of cars on Krasnoyarsk roads, a number of companies rendering services involving cleaning of cars from dirt and dust increases as well.

макет -Лаки3_д

A car washing complex LUCKY at Pogranichnikov St. opened its doors for residents and guests of Krasnoyarsk in summer 2013. Its original exterior design made in bright orange color is supplemented with a simple and laconic sign. The main goal of outdoor advertising on this façade is not to draw attention, but to be memorable. 

Orientir-M Company made the model and the sign according to the client’s request.

 Лаки день


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