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Atmosfera Doma, Trade and Office Center

Customer: Atmosfera


On April 28, a new trade complex Atmosfera Doma was opened in Krasnoyarsk. It was founded by Komandor trade network, with all the works carried out by Kras-Eks Company. The biggest areas are occupied by Furniture Komandor and hypermarket Alleya. Most of the renters are shops of construction and finish materials. This is the first complex of such a level and scale on the right bank.

Orientir-M Company closely cooperated with Atmosfera Doma on all the stages. The first stage included designing a concept of advertising constructions for the complex. A system of outdoor navigation and placement of signs was developed for several months. The main goal was to make the building of the complex maximally noticeable, and create a more available access to it.

The second stage included engineering of advertising constructions and load calculation. A part of the building façade was reinforced to hold the signs. Inserts were placed and electric loads were defined.

The finishing stage included manufacture and assembly of the signs and navigation pillars. Bright signs perfectly fitted with the general façade of Trade and Office Center Atmosfera.

All the main signs of the complex are light three-dimensional letters, made using standard technologies and lighted with diodes. For a better appearance of the construction, we used an assembling scheme, in which letters were fixed directly to the building façade, with no bearing metal frames.

We gained perfect experience when cooperating with Trade and Office Center Atmosfera. We are very proud of our participation in this project and express sincere gratitude to all people that have helped us to cope with this work!

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