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Юлия Лопатеева
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тел.: 269-54-02
email: fasad1@orientir-m.ru

Rooftop Constructions

A rooftop construction is a unique image brand construction which is installed on building roofs, completely or partially overlapping the edges of these buildings. A rooftop construction is image advertising, that is why it is the most prestigious and expensive type of outdoor advertising. Their advantages include: good visibility and perfect contrast against the background of main and central roads and prospects, and, consequently, 100% recognizability and memorability. Rooftop constructions are the most complicated objects of outdoor advertising, and the most serious technical requirements to the quality of materials and manufacture of the construction itself are applied to them. However, the end justifies the means; that is why this type of outdoor advertising is very popular. Rooftop constructions can be placed both on an open support structure and closed background surface. For their efficient impact at night time, rooftop constructions can be statically or dynamically highlighted. There are several types of rooftop constructions:

  • A rooftop construction with an advertising area in a form of a light box is the most simple and at the same time the most popular advertising construction at the market. The light box is usually rectangular. The image is placed by means of full-color printing on translucent banner fabric.
  • A rooftop construction with a flat advertising area. Its principles of production are analogous to the previous one. The difference is in the means of highlighting. In this case metal halide projectors are used as a source of light. The construction resembles a giant fire wall installed on a roof.
  • A rooftop construction with luminous three-dimensional letters. This type is used when an advertising construction shall reflect an image of a corporate slogan or logotype. The three-dimensional letters in the light box can have both translucent and front open highlighting. 
  • A rooftop construction with dynamic neon fragments and surfaces. This construction uses luminous discharge tubes with different lights. Special controllers allow to achieve an amazing animation effect, change of colors and images.
  • A rooftop construction with a set of advertising elements. This construction combines light boxes, neon and dynamic effects.
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