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Designing of Signs

There may be a lot of disputes on the most efficient type of advertising. Yet, researches conducted by specialists speak for themselves.

According to the International Sign-Makers Association (ISA), 49% of customers coming to a shop are sure that they are attracted by its sign. Moreover, 17% of visitors that were caught while shopping did not plan to go shopping at all. “I saw the sign and decided to come in”, they say.

Thus, one of the main factors determining demand for your products is a bright and appealing sign:

Макет Макет

We would like to give you some recommendations that can be helpful while ordering a model sign:

  • To make a sign prominent, you are to think about it not as a separate unit, but in the context of the general view of the street, a part of which it will become. For example, if nearby there are signs with mostly soothing colors dominating in the color scheme, at least a fragment of your sign should be catchy and bright.
  • You are to remember that a sign is an essential part of a façade and shall fit in with its style. No beautiful sign decorated with antique forge will look well on a modern building. 
  • A textual component of a sign should not be overloaded, so do not list the whole range of your goods on it. Therewith, a sign should be informative and fit in with the place above the entrance of which it will be situated.
  • Try to avoid color fussiness and a big number of various elements.
  • Always remember that a model having no thorough technical description (list of materials and technologies) is nothing more than just a nice picture. You are to ask about all technical characteristics in details.

A beautiful high-quality sign justifies all the time and money spent on it, because it is an employee working for you day and night and asking for no pay awards.