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Types of Advertising Media

Pillars, façade advertising, city-format… anyone will feel giddy because of numerous terms and names. To make sure that we speak one and the same language, we decided to tell you about types of advertising media used in Network Placement direction.


Billboard is an advertising board/stand. Standard size – 6х3 m. As a rule, such boards are installed on the ground on special supports, yet, they can also be fixed to a wall or a fence. Boards of 3x6 format are the most popular format of outdoor advertising. The first billboard appeared in the USA in 1895. Big companies and organizations began renting area on wooden boards to use it for advertisement, or “bills” giving rise to the term “billboard”. Only twenty years later there appeared companies installing “big boards” and leasing them to organizations for placement of their advertisement. 


Prismavision display – an advertising medium, the surface of which consists of three-edged prisms. The prisms turn around their axis in a particular period of time and demonstrate each of the three edges in turn. Thus, three different subjects can be placed on it at the same time. Such advertising media are usually placed on billboards, rarer on such constructions as supersite and pillar, and also sometimes on building façades, to replace brandmauers (façade advertising) in the most crowded places. These advertising constructions enables placement of client’s advertisement in the most popular and visited places of the city, in case if it is impossible to install several advertising billboards. Change of images on the advertising medium attracts more people’s attention. Usually an image to be placed on a prismavision display is printed on self-adhesive film.


Pillars – separately standing three- or two-sided constructions with 1.4x3 m. of advertising area. The main advantage of 1.4x3 m. format is a unique location of the constructions: on narrow sidewalks and in pedestrian areas located in central and historic areas of the city. Pillars harmonically combine with the city landscape due to their design.


- large format in the street surrounding,

- location in central areas of the cities,

- translucent lightning.

City-formats are separately standing constructions – pavilions for transport waiting. The so-called “city furniture” with advertising surfaces of 1.2x1.8 m. format. A city-format produces considerable influence on pedestrians and passengers of city transport. This type of outdoor advertising is aimed particularly at pedestrians, because, in comparison with 3x6 m. advertising billboards, an advertising poster of a city-format is located at a small height above the ground. Translucent lightning and high-quality printing advertising posters combined with a good creative idea makes it possible to attract attention of a wide range of potential consumers.

Cross street banners are one of the most popular types of advertising media, a means of quick delivery of information to city audience. Cross street banners are characterized by advantageous location as compared to other media; they are located within direct sight of all road users, because of their position right above a driveway. Their sizes are different in different cities.

Rooftop constructions – exclusive image constructions located on building roofs. They are often made using neon and translucent lightning. Its advantage is that this is one of the most prestigious types of advertising. Placement of a rooftop construction helps an advertiser company to make itself known as a successful company planning to remain at the market for a long time. Rooftop constructions have become an essential part of the city visible at long distance and raising popularity of their owners. Even though rooftop constructions are quite an expensive type of outdoor advertising, its efficiency, brightness and solidity help you to multiply your return on investments within a very short period of time.



Facade advertising or brandmauers – non-standard advertising constructions of big sizes. Most constructions of these types are installed in the city center and on the most important and busy highways. An advertising surface is usually located on a blank naked wall of a building. The area of brandmauers varies depending on the building on which they are located.

Advantages of these constructions:

- big size of an advertising image,

- visibility of advertisement at long distance,

- possibility of non-standard solutions.

Usage of non-standard advertising constructions helps to achieve brand recognition, to form a good opinion about the good being advertised and to make it prominent from a mass of goods of the same category.