Orientir-M. Advertising in Krasnoyarsk.

Phone: (391) 236-10-11, 236-47-05, 269-59-09, 269-56-09

Addres: 660111, Krasnoyarsk, st. Pogranichnikov, 44 bld. 2


Специалисты для консультации:

тел.: 269-59-09
email: set6@orientir-m.ru

Tasks That Can Be Solved by Using Outdoor Advertising

1. Market launch of a new product/service. In order to organize a detailed advertising campaign, we recommend you, first of all, to place no less than 20 billboards or mix advertising constructions in the city (since Krasnoyarsk population amounts almost to one million people), and, secondly, to set a placement period from 1 to 2 months (after that the number of advertising constructions can be reduced to 10 as a supporting advertising). It is better to advertise mass consumer goods/services in bedroom communities of the city, which will make it possible to achieve an optimal proportion of price/targeted program quality/targeted audience.

2. Supporting, image advertising, separation from competitors. We recommend you to reduce a number of advertising constructions and use several small formats, such as city-format and pillars. Therewith, it is reasonable to increase a placement period and organize periodical rotation (movement) of images in the city.

3. Point advertising or directing billboards. It means usage of stands close to a shop/office, for example, as an indicator (of direction). The recommended number of billboards depends on the number of shops.