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Preparation of a Commercial Offer (Targeted Placement Program) for a Client

The most important thing to know before selection of a high-quality targeted placement program is the goal of the advertising campaign.

An answer to this question will help a manager to understand client’s needs and orient in the process of selection and compiling a targeted program.

It is obvious that apart from goals of an advertising campaign, it is important to understand characteristics of a product/service being launched at the market, as well as its target audience – potential clients of a product advertised (tires – on highways, wash powder – in bedroom communities, etc.).

Budget means something that gives an opportunity to reach the goal of the advertising campaign and assess its efficiency.

The more actively a budget tends to zero, the more incompetent it is to use outdoor advertising (except for point placement).

Other budgets shall be distributed with reference to GRP (see section Efficiency) – a bigger number of objects for smaller money, or a smaller amount of objects for the same money, with an equal total volume of GRP.

Variants of placement depending on goals of an advertising campaign with reference to prices and discount systems, as of summer, 2009.

Estimated budget, rub. / Goal of an advertising campaign

Up to 50,000

100,000 and more

150,000 and more

200,000 and more

Market launch of a new product/service





Supporting, image advertising





Point/directing billboard





Thus, managers of network direction of Orientir-M Company prepare targeted placement programs based on data on the goal of an advertising campaign by means of studying the product (its characteristics) and your potential clients. A professionally selected program will help you to solve the set tasks and assess efficiency of the advertising campaign held.