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тел.: 269-59-09
email: set6@orientir-m.ru


There are several indicators of efficiency of outdoor advertising:

  • OTS (Opportunity To See) – an effective circulation of outdoor advertising. A number of times (in thousands), when this advertisement could have potentially been seen (perceived). 
In other words: OTS=72,350. It means that this advertisement will be seen 72,350 times/by 72,350 potential clients a day.
  • GRP (Gross Rating Point) — a percentage ratio of effective circulation value (OTS) of an advertising surface to a total market value (number of people aged 18 and older). GRP is a basic unit used to assess circulation of one advertising surface, while a sum of advertising surfaces’ GRP is an important factor characterizing a volume of an advertising campaign.

In other words:

GRP=OTS/ number of people aged 18 and older.

Yablochny Rai Company plans to place 10 billboards. It is known that GRP of the program is 47 points. It means that 47% of population of city N aged 18 and older will see advertisement of the Company placed on 3x6 m billboards.