Orientir-M. Advertising in Krasnoyarsk.

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Специалисты для консультации:

тел.: 269-54-02

Ермошина Татьяна Анатольевна
email: ermoshina@orientir-m.ru

email: transport4@orientir-m.ru

Advertising on Buses

Today transport advertising is one of the most perspective directions of outdoor advertising. It is dynamic, available and delivers itself to a consumer.

A vehicle fleet available for placement: 78 big buses of MAN type and 49 small buses of PAZ type,

The advantages of placing advertisement on commercial buses are as follows:

  • Possibility of economic solutions: from big buses to small PAZ buses;
  • High efficiency: GRP from 7.5 to 10;
  • Calculation for a mass consumer: perceived by pedestrians and road users;
  • Flexibility – possibility to use various formats and color effects;
  • Positive view – brightly decorated transport does not irritate a potential consumer;
  • Possibility to select routes in accordance with geographical location of your business;
  • Coverage of all city districts.