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Interesting Facts about Transport Advertising

Especially for you we’ve selected a series of facts related to Krasnoyarsk transport system, which, in our opinion, will be useful when planning an advertising campaign and will help to find the best solutions for your business in cooperation with us.

About Krasnoyarsk

Population: more than 927.8 thousand people.

Location: the city is located on two river banks. Cultural and historic center of the capital of our region is on the left bank, and its industrial center is on the right bank. Population of the left bank is 535 thousand people, population of the right bank is 389 thousand people.

City districts: when planning an advertising campaign it is essential to remember about specificity of the districts, and sometimes even streets, along which a route is running. Oktyabrsky District, for example, can be rightfully considered a student and scientific district: it contains main research institutes, and the largest Krasnoyarsk universities, including Siberian Federal University. If we are to speak of its audience, there are 27 thousand students in this district.

About Transport System of the City

Total number of public transport in Krasnoyarsk is 1,300 units, 150 of which are trolley buses and trams, 550 are PAZ-type buses and 600 are large buses (MAN, VOLVO, DAEWOO, MarZ, LiAZ, SCANIA and others).

The main type of city transport is buses. Today there are 101 bus routes in the city, 69 of which are municipal (280 units) and 32 commercial (870 units). Correlation between commercial and municipal transport is far from being proportionate – 75% are represented by commercial transport (which constitutes 80% of passenger flow) and only 25% refer to municipal transport, including trolley buses and buses.

There are 12 trolley bus and 6 tram routes in the city. It is interesting that all tramways are located on the right bank of the city, and trolley bus lines are on the left bank. Density of passenger flow and, subsequently, rating of commercial and municipal transport considerably differ. Thus, average daily passenger flow of commercial buses is the following: 900 passengers are carried by PAZ-type buses, 1,100 passengers – by large buses and up to 800 passengers - by municipal buses.

About Other Transport Means

In summer “river trams” – Raketa vessels – run between Yenisei banks.

There are no Gazel route taxis in our city, which are popular in many big other cities.

Length of Routes
Commercial buses have the longest routes and, as a result, the biggest coverage. Sometimes length of a route reaches up to 30 km, and one-way traveling time is more than 1 hour.


City districts, as distinct from many other big cities, are not remote from each other. The only exception is Solnechny Microdistrict. Krasnoyarsk is also characterized by a specificity of its streets. The most central streets are very busy and, in spite of this, their carrying capacity is not big enough. This was determined by history. Every day dense accumulations of transport can be observed during rush hours on main prospects. It considerably increases efficiency of outdoor and side advertising on transport.

Remember the Following:
Managers of Orientir-M Company are always ready to help you to choose a route individually, in accordance with goals and targets of your advertising campaign. You can always rely on professional selection of a route, with respect to characteristics of its audience, districts across which it is running, the necessary coverage, as well as on answers to any questions interesting for you!